“The Friendly Park”Park Sign

“Set in the midst of Central Michigan country, which is known for its abundant lakes and rivers, Gladwin is a pleasant little town in which to stop and relax and is made all the more pleasant by this lovely city park along the Cedar River. The recreational facilities here are unusually complete; camping and picnic grounds are supplemented by tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and a playground for children; river swimmers enjoy a sandy beach and a riverside path makes for scenic strolling.” Readers Digest On The Road USA

240 S Cayuga St
Gladwin, Michigan 48624
(989) 426-8126     
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City Park & Campground Rules     
City Park & Campground Site Map
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City Park & Campground Operating Season
May 1st - October 31st


     Daily: $5.00
     Annual: $20.00 

     Rustic Site: $25.00 
     Water & Electric: $38.00 
     Water, Electric & Sewer: $42.00 

     (50% due at the time of reservation)
     Water & Electric: $228.00 
     Water, Electric & Sewer: $252.00 

     (50% due at the time of reservation)
     Water & Electric: $912.00 
     Water, Electric & Sewer: $1008.00 
     (Maximum rental is 14 consecutive nights)
     $50.00 / night
     $300.00 / 7 nights

 (no more than 2 pets)

     Bags of Ice: $
3.00 / bag
     Wood Bundles: $7.00 each / 2 for $12.00  / 5 for $29.00
     Dumping Fee: $10.00 / non-campers 
     Bike Rentals: Inquire at Ranger Station for Prices
     Bathhouse: $3.00 per shower use


pavilion 1 - Copy


Two City Park Pavilions are available to rent for events.
May 1st through October 31st
$70.00/day Rental Fee - paid at the time of reservation

- Entry Fee into Park required for vehicles
- A Peddlers' Permit is required for events held in the park involving vendors 

If you have questions contact the Parks department @ (989) 426-8126 or by email at


The Gladwin City Park & Campground will issue a refund based on the refund policy below:

    1 week or more notice prior to the scheduled arrival date 100% refund
     2-6 days notice
prior to the scheduled arrival date 50% refund
     Less than 24-hour notice prior to the scheduled arrival date or no contact 0% refund
    Pavillion Reservations are non-refundable


  • This is intended to be a guide only.  If specific terminology is needed, please refer to the City Park Ordinance as approved by the Gladwin City Council on May 6, 1991
  • All motor vehicles entering the park must come to a complete stop and proceed only when signaled to do so. This rule does not apply when the park office is closed
  • All motor vehicles must have a Parks Commission vehicle entry permit affixed to the vehicle windshield before entering the park. Registered campers will be provided with entry permits without charge
  • A person shall not operate a motor vehicle except on roads and parking lots constructed for the operation of licensed vehicles. Unlicensed vehicles shall not be operated in the park or campground
  • A person shall not engage in any violent, abusive, loud, boisterous, wanton, profane, obscene, or otherwise disorderly conduct; disturb or annoy others
  • A person shall not use a loudspeaker or sound-amplifying equipment of any kind without permission from park staff
  • A person shall not dump, place, throw, or leave litter on the grounds or waters, except in the containers provided. It is unlawful to place or dispose of garbage or refuse in park receptacles or dispose of garbage or refuse in park receptacles or dumpsters if the material originates from outside
  • Dogs or other animals must be under immediate control on a leash not exceeding 6 feet in length. Dogs or animals may not be in the bathing beach area
  • It is unlawful to possess glass containers in the bathing beach area
  • It is unlawful to ride or allow horses or other riding animals within the park or campground
  • A person shall not destroy, damage, or remove city property, trees, shrubs, wildflowers, grasses, or vegetation
  • It is unlawful to possess a firearm or bow and arrow. This does not apply to registered campers who are legally transporting hunting weapons. It is unlawful to discharge any device that propels a projectile by gas, air, spring, or rubber
  • It is unlawful to drive at a speed more than 10 miles per hour, to drive in an unsafe manner, or to disobey traffic or parking signs
  • It is unlawful to enter or remain in the park or campground between the hours of one-half hour after sunset and 8 a.m. unless the person is a registered camper
  • It is unlawful to store or leave a boat, trailer, camper, or other property in the park or campground without permission from park staff
  • It is unlawful to build fires except in designated fire pits and stoves provided or grills approved by park staff
  • It is unlawful to enter the campground with a vehicle unless you are a registered camper. Legitimate visitors to a specific campsite must advise park staff of their intent when in the park
  • Each campsite may be used by only one family or not more than four unrelated persons. Campers not part of a single-family must be at least 18 years old to register or occupy a campsite unless part of a chaperoned group. (i.e. scouts, cyclists, etc.)
  • Only two motor vehicles may be placed on one campsite
Violation of any rule may result in revocation of a camping permit, eviction from the park, or both. Violation may also result in a criminal complaint being initiated.