No person shall kindle, maintain any open fire or open burning, or permit any such open fire or open burning to be maintained on any property, public or private in the city.

(Ord. 188, passed 9-21-92)  Penalty, see § 92.99

§ 92.22  EXCEPTIONS.    
The provisions of § 92.21 shall not apply to the following:
(A)   The burning of wood, charcoal, coke, or other accepted fuel during the preparing of food in any form when such burning is in an approved container or utensil manufactured for food preparation while being used in a safe and sanitary manner.
(B)   The use of gaseous or liquefied fired salamanders commonly employed in conjunction with building and construction operations when used in accordance with accepted safety standards.
(C)   Roofers, tinners, plumbers, or other mechanics pursuing a business requiring the use of fire for the purpose of boiling tar, pitch, oil, or other substances used in the regular course of their business or trade and while being used in a safe and sanitary manner conforming to all other applicable codes, requirements, and acceptable safety practices.
(D)   Campfires in licensed campgrounds when such fires are kindled and maintained in a pit constructed specifically to contain such campfire and said pits are approved by the Park Director.
(E)   Campfires or bonfires in pits or other areas when said pits are constructed in accordance with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources specifications or in other areas as approved by the Fire Chief of the city or his designee.
(F)   Matches or devices such as lighters which are being used to ignite a lawful fire. (Ord. 188, passed 9-21-92) 

   Recreational fires on private property are permitted according to the city above-ground burn pit specifications, provided that the following conditions are met:
(A)   All fires must be at least 15 feet from buildings, property lines, and combustible materials.
(B)   Fires are constantly attended by a person of suitable maturity until extinguished and ashes are cold.  Fire extinguishing equipment shall be available for immediate use.
(C)   Only clean seasoned dry firewood or commercially produced fuel products are burnt.
(D)   The fire does not endanger other buildings or structures or vegetation.
(E)   Atmospheric conditions are favorable.
(F)   Emission of smoke or fumes which irritate, annoy, or constitute a nuisance to others living in the neighborhood is prohibited.
(G)   The fire is in a fire pit approved by the Fire Chief or within a pit described in Attachment A to Ord. 276.

(Ord. 276, passed 5-17-04)  Penalty, see § 92.99