SECTION 312.          FENCES.

The installation, erection, and/or maintenance of a fence are hereby prohibited except in strict compliance with this Ordinance.  A permit to be issued by the Zoning Administrator shall be obtained prior to installation or erection of any fence within the corporate limits of the City of Gladwin. Application shall be made upon a form provided and shall require such information as may be required by the Zoning Administrator. All applications for a permit shall be accompanied by a filing fee as may be established by City Council resolution.
The minimum height of the fence shall be computed as the distance from the base of the fence at normal grade to the top of the highest component of the fence.
A.  Residential Fences
All fences in areas zoned or used for residential purposes shall be of an ornamental type, and shall not be more than six (6) feet in height, above the grade level.  Any metal, including chain link or masonry fence further, shall not be more than six (6) feet in height above grade level. Such fences shall not extend beyond the front building line of the principal structure, except that non-obscuring fences no higher than 36 inches may be permitted within the front yard.
B. Business, Office, or Commercial Fences
All fences in areas zoned or used for business, office, or commercial purposes shall be of an ornamental type, and shall not be more than six (6) feet, in height above grade level.
C. Industrial Fences
All fences in areas zoned or used for industrial purposes shall not be less than six (6) feet in height nor exceed eight (8) feet in height above surrounding grade level.
D. Fences Separating Single or Two-Family Residential Property from a Multiple-Family Residential Property.
Areas zoned or used for multiple-family residential purposes, which abut single or two-family property, shall have erected upon said adjoining property line, a fence of an ornamental type, to be six (6) feet in height above grade level.
Fences shall be constructed of wood, metal or masonry, and other acceptable materials, excluding plastic weave designs. Only new material shall be used, which has been manufactured and/or treated in a manner to prevent rust and corrosion, and/or rot and decay.
A.  All fences shall be constructed of a minimum of:
          1.  Two (2) inch iron pipe.
          2.  Two (2) inch angle iron.
          3.  Four (4) inch wooden posts.
          4.  Four (4) inch reinforced concrete posts; or any other member having equal stability.
               - All posts shall be sunk in the soil to a depth of at least three (3) feet.
          5.  Fences which are deemed necessary for noise suppression shall be concrete, decorative concrete blocks, or masonry.
B.  No person shall erect or cause to be erected a fence which is:
          1.  Made with or upon which is fixed barbed wire.
          2.  Has any protective spike, nail, or sharp-pointed object.
          3.  Charged with electric current.
Provided, however, that a fence in an industrial area may be erected with barbed wire on arms or brackets extending inward over such property.
A.  All fences must be located entirely on the private property of the person constructing the fence, provided that if the adjoining property owner(s) consent in writing to the construction of a fence on this property line, it may be so constructed. Such written consent shall be filed with the application for a permit.
B.  No fence shall be erected between the front building line and the front property of the premises, except as otherwise provided by this ordinance; Section 312, 3a, 3b, and 3c.
C.  Decorative side facing outward.
Fences must be maintained in a neat and safe condition, so as not to endanger life or property. Any fence which, through lack of repair, type of construction, or otherwise, endangers life or property is hereby deemed a nuisance.  The Zoning Administrator shall notify the owner, agent, or person in control of the property on which such fence is located of the existence of such nuisance and specify the required repairs or modifications to be made to render the fence safe or require that the unsafe fence or any portion thereof to be removed.
Fences presently in existence shall not be enlarged, rebuilt, or reconstructed without first having obtained a permit therefor from the Zoning Administration. Such fences, when repaired or replaced, shall conform to all provisions of this Ordinance.