Accessory buildings or structures, except as otherwise permitted in this Ordinance, shall be subject to the following regulations:
1.  Where the accessory building is structurally attached to the main building it shall be subject to and must conform to, all regulations of this Ordinance applicable to the main building.
2.  Accessory buildings and structures shall not be erected in any front yard.
3.  An accessory building shall not occupy more than twenty-five (25) percent of a required rear yard.
4.  No detached accessory building shall be located closer than ten (10) feet to any main building nor shall any accessory building or structure be located closer than five (5) feet to any side or rear lot line.
5.  Height of Accessory Buildings.
          a.  Detached accessory buildings and structures in residential districts.
                   (1) A detached accessory building or structure shall not exceed the height of the principal structure.
                   (2) The vertical exterior surface of a building, not forming part of the roof, shall not exceed a height of ten (10) feet, measured from grade to the top plate of the wall.
6.  When an accessory building is located on a corner lot, the lot line of which is substantially a continuation of the front lot line of the lot to its rear, said building shall not project beyond the front yard setback required on the lot to the rear of such corner lot.
7.  One accessory building of not more than one hundred fifty (150) square feet in any parcel in the Industrial, Business, or Office District, the accessory use shall be subject to the approval of the Zoning Administrator, subject to guidelines provided by the Planning Commission.
8.  Household animal enclosures, dog runs, central air conditioning units, heat pumps, and other mechanical system components that could or are likely to produce noise, odors, and other nuisances, shall not be located adjacent to an adjoining property owner's sleeping area where windows and/or doors on the adjacent property would be exposed to the nuisance.