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Planning and Zoning within municipalities such as the City of Gladwin is governed by the Michigan Planning Enabling act (33) of 2008. The planning commission, a volunteer nine-member advisory board is tasked with the development of the Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance. These two documents are updated every five years and ratified by the City Council. 

The Master Plan provides a blueprint for orderly, sustainable growth within the boundaries of the city limits, for both current and future needs. 

The Zoning Ordinance details items such as zoning districts and what activities are allowed within those districts as well as needed setbacks which is the distance structures need to be from property lines. This can differ with the use and district. Formulating size and other requirements of commercial and industrial signs are also the purview of the Planning Commission.

As property owners within the city limits often have close neighbors, these requirements are not meant to be punitive or restrictive but rather protection for adjacent properties and the enhancement of all property values. 

The Planning Commission also develops the Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) on an annual basis. This document is prepared early in the year with input from various departments and committee chairpersons to provide a framework and suggestions for the City Council as they formulate a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  It may include items such as vehicle purchases for the Department of Public Works and City Police as well as allocations for future needed projects such as storm sewer, water main, or street projects. It is normally discussed at the annual joint meeting of the Planning Commission, City Council, and Park Commission. While not mandated, the Commission normally invites the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Downtown Development Authority to provide input as they play an integral role in the development of the business districts. 

Site plan review for commercial and industrial properties as well as subdivision and planned unit development plans are also reviewed by the Planning Commission with recommendations made to the Gladwin City Council. 

The Gladwin City Planning Commission does not administer or enforce noxious weeds or snow removal, abandoned cars, and the like. These items are addressed in the appropriate sections of the Gladwin City Code of Ordinances.

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